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"The Hunt 2010" movie is out!

A very anticipated movie from this years Atlantic hurricane season!  Alek Parker and a few other pro's hit all the east coast spots plus trip it down to the Caribbean.  I've seen some of the clips here and there along the way... looks awesome.  Pick it up and watch the boys rip your local spot.  This should be great for the east coast, especially since the ASP is talking about a Dream Tour stop!  From what I know if the east coast there are some serious pits to be had.  "The Hunt 2010"

Dusty Payne/ Mick Fanning Best heat of the day

Dusty Payne defeating Mick Fanning in the best heat and closest heat of the day!  Also re-qualifying for the Dream Tour!  Talk about making your money!  Check out more heats here Vans Triple Crown.

Another lay day at Pipe

Well since these another flat day at Pipe I thought I'd put in this video for all you who know... Spam Musubi is the bomb!  Vans Triple Crown Videos

Congrats Irons Family!

Looks like this kids gonna have the most uncles. It takes a village to raise a child... I'm sure Kauai is one proud Village today!

Andy Irons' widow, Lyndie, gave birth to their son, Andrew Axel Irons, according to Triple Crown spokeswoman Jody Wilmott.

one of the best heats of the day!

Man John John is one seriously hard north shore charger! Due is so good and has a long career ahead. Vans Triple Crown.

Sunset winners!

Congrats to Raoni Monteiro and Tyler Wright! What awesome performances! Especially Tyler Wright dropping in on the bombs all winter! Makes me wonder what I was doing at 16!? Check out the highlights.

Final day for Oneill world cup!

Super stoked we're getting it on.  The comp yesterday was kinda small for Sunset (still would be awesome for my local break).  So everyone add the live feed to your favorites and turn the volume down.  Don't let your boss know but this afternoon... ain't nothin' goin' down but the surfing bra'da!  This video is yesterdays highlights.

Oneill's World Cup Swell outlook.

Thanks to surfline for getting us the details...  wish i could just have eyes on it! 

BRIEF OVERVIEW: A medium size NW swell will show on Wednesday with head high to overhead sets at Sunset Beach, along with increasingeasterly tradewindsand fairly clean conditions. The NW swell will then back down Thursday/Fridayasa reinforcing dose ofNNW swell moves in Friday and tops out Saturday to keep up small-scale surf. Further out, a new and fun size NNW-North swell is lining up for next week (Tues-Wed the 30th-1st).

Flat days suck!

Flat days suck unless you get to go diving with Alana!  Awesome!  Check it out Pipe is such a beautiful place even underneath.  It's flat here too, I should get a mask and some fins.

Reef Hawaiian Pro Winner

Congrats to Joel!  Coming back from an ankle injury and a mean laceration to totally dominate every single heat...  You Parko are a Champion!  If you didn't see it you can go to Reef Hawaiian Pro and checkout all his heats and the final.  He scored a Perfect 10 first wave!  Usually my first wave of the day is me eating dirt from china!

Cholos Hawaiian pro winner

Congrats goes out to Steph for a dominating performance at this years event.  Would have loved to see local girls Alana and Coco do better but Steph just killed it in every heat! Click here to go to event for heat videos.

Mad surfing in Hawaii

Check out this mad surfing going down at Haleiwa.  I mean mad like check out the Sunny Garcia about to go West Side on Tom Curren!  You don't wanna get on Sunny's bad side... dude eats Haolies for breakfast right after he finishes his loco moco.

Vans Triple Crown

Awh yeah! Starts today with an 8am call for Haleiwa probably wont happen because it's only 1-3 but check out the "Death Star" in this still from surfline... headed straight for "Alderon"! Clear your date book for Sun and Mon it's gonna be so ON!

The Pacific and Atlantic are on and Vans Triple Crown on its way!

Pacific and Atlantic swells are here, Vans Triple Crown is on it's way... big head high to over head here on East coast expected for this weekend!  The bad news I only have a Lost RNFQ to ride and I'm working this weekend.  Back to good news... I just placed and order for a new Lost SD2!  Yea!  Come on Matt make that guy quick!!!!  Maybe this video will hold us over till then.

Rip Curl Pro Search Puerto Rico Update

Looks like it's on for 10:30 so go ahead and launch your browser and put it on mute till your boss leaves!  Go to the live feet here.  First heat is Dusty and Taj.

Rip Curl Search

Vans HIC Pro Update

Looks like it's on! Live video feed of the Vans HIC Pro is on today. This should get you ready for the Upcoming North Shore Season! Get you some!

Vans HIC Pro Live

AI's "I surf because"

Last line's the best.

Rip Curl Search postponed

Rip Curls Search website said today "Competition at the Rip Curl Pro Search in Puerto Rico will  be postponed on Wed., Nov. 3 out of respect for the passing of 3X ASP World Champion Andy Irons. Competition will resume following further consultation with ASP and Surfers".  A very thought full decision to have made.  I'm sure everyone is making plans to head over to Kauai very soon to pay some big respect.

RIP to 3x word champ Andy Irons

Official Billabong Press Release.

HONOLULU – (November 2, 2010) — The world of surfing mourns an incredibly sad loss today with the news that Hawaii’s Andy Irons has died. Andy was a beloved husband, and a true champion. Irons, 32, withdrew from a professional surfing event in Puerto Rico last weekend due to illness and passed away during a layover en-route to his home in Kauai, Hawaii. He had reportedly been battling with dengue fever, a viral disease. At this time the family thanks his friends and fans for their support, and asks that the community respect its privacy. The family also asks to not be contacted so their focus can remain on one another during this time of profound loss.
99% Surf would like to show our deepest condolences to the Irons Family.  Kauai, Hanalei Bay, Pine Trees, The World has lost a true Champion.

Rip Curl Search Puerto Rico Update

Bumber... Looks like Surfline is predicting 5-6, but the folks at the contest called a lay day due to 1-2.  I guess that just goes to show you can't always trust your online surf report.  It's best to get eyes on it!  Local knowledge wins every time.  My local break's calling for 2-3+ with high onshore winds and super drift... so I'm gonna go get wet. 

The best Surftucker

Nikki's sushi in Wilmington, NC (UNCW #3 surf friendly college)!

Live streams!

Check out all the live streams this winter. You can link to them from my blog!

Update Vans HIC Pro

Looks like the HIC Pro is still off on Monday.  I can't wait much longer.  I'm frothing to see some Sunset Beach going off!  The live feed is still on hold.  Just waiting another day to start the 2010 Hawaii Season!!!  The Vans Triple Crown of surfing is gonna be awesome this year!  Maybe some sick wipe outs will hold you over.

Stephanie Gilmore 4x world champ! Congrats!

Today she sealed the deal. Congrats Steph!

Ripcurl Pro Search Puerto Rico

Hey everyone the Ripcurl Pro Search is on! Checkout the live webcast in Puerto Rico. Just click on it and see Slater win his 10th World Title!

Ripcurl Search Puerto Rico

Up date on Vans HIC Pro

Checking Surfline and it's calling for 1-3ft windswell.  Probably gonna call a lay day again and wait for swell on Monday.  Who want's to see pro surfers get put out on waist high rollers?!  Not me.  Maybe this video of sunset going off will hold you over till then. Check it out at Vans HIC Pro.

Vans HIC Pro 2010 update

Looks like the Vans HIC Pro, running from Oct 28- Nov 10, is on a lay day.  Contest rep says that it looks like waves will be coming in for Monday.  Check back for more updates.  In the mean time  Rip Curl Search in going to start this weekend in Puerto Rico!  So get some black beans and rice with some plantains and maybe a fried chicken leg with some spam musubi have a seat in front of the computer and watch either event streaming live! 

Rip Curl Search