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Went surfing at 9am and it was so hot that I couldn't believe it. My friend Tina said Santa Monica is super hot too. Must be all over, from the east coast to the west HOT!

Small and windy

Today was small and windy. I got out for a couple when it was going to high tide. Not much fun cause they were  fat and peter'd out quick. Hot and beautiful on the bwach though.

Some fun little waves coming through this AM.

A few fun little waves this morning. I hit it at about 10AM and got a few with an off the lip and a really good carving cutback mixed in there.  Those were both on about stomach high and the wave had a but of a wall to it.  That seems to have faded with the winds picking up. Most waves coming in from a south east direction, the bigger ones seem to have been coming from a more east direction. Thinking that slightly south facing beaches will benefit worth more waves if the wind doesn't beat it down to much.  Have fun it's super hot and nice out there.

Working too much!

Been working all week getting my website ,, up and also working two doubles at the hospital Saturday and Sunday. Finally the site is up but needs to get some dead links fixed and I'm only working an 8hr shift today! No beach pics unless my wife sends me some(she's there now). Here is a video of some guys working it! Or getting worked! Kinda like shredding the Gnar or does the Gnar shred you!? Hope you like the vid.

A South Coast Start to Winter from Toby Cregan on Vimeo.

no waves today but...

Not really any wave to speak of today so I thought I'd put a video up just to give you something to look at.  I'm sure all the boys will enjoy!

LNF Ep. 3: SEXPLOITATION from on Vimeo.

Little 2'-3' wave out there today.

Small fun wave out there today. Pushed my wife into a couple...she did awesome. Stood up on a few.  We high fived, and had a great day on the beach.