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Holy moly... we got head high +. TOO BAD I'M IN CLASS! Headed out about an hour and a half out of town to test drive a used pathfinder. Hopefully i won't have to haggle too much.
Make luck happen.

Mild winters?

So, since I moved here my wife and peole who live here have said that we have really mild winters here... I call BS. Been here since 09 snowed 3 times so far and froze roads many times. I dont know what people consider mild but this my friends sucks. My sisters live in NYC and ATL so I feel sorry for them. This weather is helping me convince my wife that Florida is a good idea!  There are waves today but the weather makes them less inviting.

Make luck happen.

2/6/2014 no surf for me lately.

Havent been in the water much lately, or should I say... at all. I had a hospital addition for Rhabdomyolisis. That was crazy. The weekend before my birthday I started to urinate dark brown (like tea) and started feeling really sore. Soreness like I've never had. Turns out after my recent workout my statin pill, the meds I take for high cholesterol,  caused rapid muscle break down which can lead to renal failure... who knew!?

A week after that. Someone ran into the pathfinder and totalled it! Yea! So I need to scrounge up some more cash and get a new car. My wife was in it at the time and she suffered a concussion.  She is doing well now.

Even with all this chaos all aound, I feel pretty good because of all the domino's we've stacked up. I.e. Savings and insurances.  It's like practicing for the big game that may never happen, but when it does you just gotta sit back, smile and watch some domino's fall! (The army taught me that one)

Make luck happen.