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5/25 day before memorial day

Beautiful day on the beach. Not much for waves but good crowd.  Water temp 72 degrees. So relaxed! Have a great holiday and stay safe.

Make luck happen.

5/16/14 chest high glassy and super fun!

Just great easy chest to almost head high surf this AM.  Got some great rights with 3 smacks off the lip on most. Hunted some lefts but the northend was just driving rights. Might barrel later on low tide if the size holds.

Everyone get ready summer's here!

Make luck happen.

Beautiful day on the northend 5.14.2014

Looks like the water's 70 degrees and rising. So is the swell. Thigh high bump today with a ESE look. Practically no wind. We have a 4 to 5 swell on the way! Friday's looking like the call... can't wait for head high barrels! YEW!

Make luck happen.

5/6/2014--- 66° water with 90° air temps!

No much for waves, but I sure went surfing anyway!  First day of the year with no wetsuit... I wore board shorts and a wesuit top only. Felt great! Hello summer, my old friend.

Make luck happen.

4/5/14 beautiful saturday with no waves

 Lots of people out but no waves. Windy and cool. Some people were actually bare backing it. Just trunks...not yet for me. Water temps still in the low 60's. My guest room is about to start seeing some guests, we already had one of my wife's cousins come for a couple days! Come on everyone can't wait to see you. 

Make luck happen.