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Ripcurl Pro Search Puerto Rico

Hey everyone the Ripcurl Pro Search is on! Checkout the live webcast in Puerto Rico. Just click on it and see Slater win his 10th World Title!

Ripcurl Search Puerto Rico

Up date on Vans HIC Pro

Checking Surfline and it's calling for 1-3ft windswell.  Probably gonna call a lay day again and wait for swell on Monday.  Who want's to see pro surfers get put out on waist high rollers?!  Not me.  Maybe this video of sunset going off will hold you over till then. Check it out at Vans HIC Pro.

Vans HIC Pro 2010 update

Looks like the Vans HIC Pro, running from Oct 28- Nov 10, is on a lay day.  Contest rep says that it looks like waves will be coming in for Monday.  Check back for more updates.  In the mean time  Rip Curl Search in going to start this weekend in Puerto Rico!  So get some black beans and rice with some plantains and maybe a fried chicken leg with some spam musubi have a seat in front of the computer and watch either event streaming live! 

Rip Curl Search