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No surf... so here's a video to make you drool.

Untitled from michael lopez on Vimeo.

Just a little video to hold you over till we get more surf. Here in NC it's a freeking lake. Wish it was like the video!

This AM at the comp.

This morning at the comp we saw some chest high sloppy wind chop.  I got to see Rob Machado's heat. He surfs so smooth it's sick.

First day of the Sweetwater Pro/Am.

Unbelievable, surf from the north east in the middle of July!? The last two years i've lived here in wilmimgton there have been waves on the week of the contest. Looks like Reef and Sweetwater have stepped it up this year. There's a contest and a festival.  Can't wait to see what Saturday will bring.  I'm writhing all weekend but hopefully i'll get some picks up, go to the fest, and see some pro's surf. Sorry the pics are so bad. The sun was looking the screen on my phone this AM.

Great Article on Surfline

Just finished reading an article on Surfline about the new ASP dream tour.  It's a great read and I full on agree about bringing back G-land.  I mean legends are made at waves like G-land, not NYC.  Beach breaks are fun but I'd love to see pro's actually surfing not fighting currents and wind chop (like in Rio).  I wanna see long period ground swell, pitching lips, deep barrels.  Surfer Mag just had the 100 top wave issue, do you think NY was in the top 15.  I just spoke with a local shaper the other day and he said people aren't buying boards anymore.  I don't think pro's surfing beach breaks is going to get people fired up to go surf.  Lets see some pro's surfing waves only pro's could surf.  Let's see post heat interviews about how stoked they are about surfing and not about heat strategies.  I wanna jump outta my chair at work because someone just took a late drop on a monster bomb and pulled into a barrel riding the foam ball to glory!  Here are some pics of G-land.

Great lingering swell

Had some left overs of that swell. Great light winds this AM. Super crowded!  Surfed with two bro's who got new firewire fishes. One with twin and the other in quad. They were fully stoked. I'll gave them review them both and put up a report soon.

What a fun day!

Great little wave out there today. I surfed the 7'6"  funboard for a while and then switched out to the fish.  Had a few with some wall to it which totally let me drive down the line and hit the lip on a few. So fun compared to the dribble we've had here lately.

Albee Layer at the wedge

I lived in LA for 7yrs and the wedge never stops amazing me because of it's insanity! Hope ya like this video, I smile everytime I watch it!

Just tesr

Just testing video on here.

Fun day out.

Glassy this AM with light on shores. The wind pickled up a tiny bit but nothing like the past few days. Looks like the call is log or fish. Don't expect to get much outta the fish though. Little dumpy lines with occasional waist high. Most are knee with long waits in between sets.