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The new surfboard

For those of you who haven't seen it yet... Here it is! My first attempt at making a surfboard. 5'9" x 18.5 x 2 1/16 single concave thruster. What do ya think? I have already ridden it in waist high on shores. Made it to go on 3-6 ft beachies. Hope we get some soon! More picks to come... Maybe me surfing it!

Surf check

Looks like the waves are coming in. We had thigh high with occational waist on me (i'm 5'7"). Looks like tomorrow is gonna be 3+ which means probably chest to shoulder on me. I caught it at high tide today and i'll probably be out on the high tide again tomorrow. Wish I had a more flexable job so I could catch it going from low to high.

Great Parko Surfing Video in Hawaii

This is a great video of one of the smoothest and most powerful surfers of my time. I love watching Joel Parkinson surfing. He just looks so smooth and makes it look so easy. From what I've seen he has a deep passion for surfing and seems like a nice guy.

Joel Parkinsons Hawaii Vacation from Joel Parkinson on Vimeo.

Local break

Just another beautiful day of no waves here on the east coast.

This video's for Jay

Hey everyone this video is one that I know my friend Jay's gonna love.  Its has his favorite aspect of surfing!  Bet you can't guess what it is!