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Great 3-5 ft day 5/22/12

This morning was super fun. First thing this AM it was clean and probably chest to shoulder on me. Got some great A frame sets. Later it started to closeout and get high tidey. The wind started to mess up the faces a bit also.  Super fun though, paddle out if you can. The first pic is of the board I road today. I finally got to put the fish away and step onto a more performance oriented board.  I was riding my 5'8" Rock-up, which is a step up board but really can be surfed in anything about 4ft and up (chest to way overhead).

5/15/2012 Yew!

Got some fun little 3-4 ft waves today. Still used the fish though. I love that board, works in everything and really fun.  Used it as a thruster today and it was perfect. If you can go outand catch a surf.

This wave looks like my nightmare!

you probably need a super flat tail rocker with a medium nose rocker and some drivey fins just to make this thing. I actually would love to try it but those kinds of waves are my nemisis!

5/10/2012 little wave for a log

Little log knee high wave. The best part is the weather. About 65° this morning with off shore winds and 72° water temps makes for a fun session. I rode the fish at first but thhen switched out to my 7'0" funboard.
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