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Gnarly day for rain but fun surf.

It was about stomach high with maybe chest on the sets. Paddled out on the fish and had a fun 30 - 40 min sesh. The drift was kickin and I'm so outta shape it's ridiculous... Haven't been surfing much since my hospital stay back in January.  Got a couple waves with one backside hack each. Faces were super bumpy and the wind was gusting a little hard. At one point it was hard to keep my eyes from blinking because the rain was coming down so hard.

All in all fun and you can tell it's getting warmer already. Water temp was mid 50's! These pics are from not me but you get the feel for the day.

Le K Glick 

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3/7/2014 fun sesh back at it

So went out today and had a fun little hour long sesh. Nothing like a waist high wave to let you know just how out of shape you are! Only caught a hand full of waves, but I did rip the bag out of one! Yesterday's gym sesh took it out of my. I think I feel spring in the air!

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