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"The Hunt 2010" movie is out!

A very anticipated movie from this years Atlantic hurricane season!  Alek Parker and a few other pro's hit all the east coast spots plus trip it down to the Caribbean.  I've seen some of the clips here and there along the way... looks awesome.  Pick it up and watch the boys rip your local spot.  This should be great for the east coast, especially since the ASP is talking about a Dream Tour stop!  From what I know if the east coast there are some serious pits to be had.  "The Hunt 2010"

Dusty Payne/ Mick Fanning Best heat of the day

Dusty Payne defeating Mick Fanning in the best heat and closest heat of the day!  Also re-qualifying for the Dream Tour!  Talk about making your money!  Check out more heats here Vans Triple Crown.

Another lay day at Pipe

Well since these another flat day at Pipe I thought I'd put in this video for all you who know... Spam Musubi is the bomb!  Vans Triple Crown Videos

Congrats Irons Family!

Looks like this kids gonna have the most uncles. It takes a village to raise a child... I'm sure Kauai is one proud Village today!

Andy Irons' widow, Lyndie, gave birth to their son, Andrew Axel Irons, according to Triple Crown spokeswoman Jody Wilmott.

one of the best heats of the day!

Man John John is one seriously hard north shore charger! Due is so good and has a long career ahead. Vans Triple Crown.

Sunset winners!

Congrats to Raoni Monteiro and Tyler Wright! What awesome performances! Especially Tyler Wright dropping in on the bombs all winter! Makes me wonder what I was doing at 16!? Check out the highlights.

Final day for Oneill world cup!

Super stoked we're getting it on.  The comp yesterday was kinda small for Sunset (still would be awesome for my local break).  So everyone add the live feed to your favorites and turn the volume down.  Don't let your boss know but this afternoon... ain't nothin' goin' down but the surfing bra'da!  This video is yesterdays highlights.