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A day at Holden beach, NC 6/27/12

Got a call from my bro Dave saying Carolina beach was chest high. Went down to Holden beach and it is about thigh high. What a  difference the angle of beach and swell make.  Since I'm hanging with the wife's family it's gonna be a no surf chill kinda day.

Snap back!

Just a little project I've been working on for about a week. My bro Gray snapped this bad boy about a year ago. He was gonna throw it away and asked if I wanted it to do anything with. Since my buddy Matt might com into town, and needs a shred sled, I thought if I bring it back, that maybe he'll be able to use it. What do you guys think?  This thing was in two pieces last week!

Great outer banks video of Brett Barley and the boys

Hand plane goodie 6/31/12

No surf today so I decided to try and get a little further along with the hand plane project. Looking good with the Velcro adjustable strap. Now I only need to find a pad to place on the palm area. Probably be finished soon!