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Working on the board today

Looking good. Just put in the nose rocker. this thing is looking good and should be ready for the summer small waves!  Thinking about ordering hats to commemorate the completion! 

Make luck happen.

4/24 waist high and fun

Fun day. Too bad I pulled a muscle in my back.  Ouch! I took a muscle relaxer and an ibuprofen then had a beer with dinner.

Make luck happen.

New project 5'10" summer surfboard.

Getting this project going before summer starts. It should be 5'10"x20.5x2.5. Plenty of float and some low entry rocker with a bit of tail rocker and V out the back to make it snappy.  I'll try to remember to update as I go.

Make luck happen.

4/15/2013 over head and fun!

Super fun and big got a couple bomb set waves well over my head. Road my 6'2 merrick m4 needed the extra length. These kids in the pic are having a hard time paddling out and taking some on the head.

4/9/2013 Still in a wesuit but its coming

I'm still wearing my winter 4/3 with boots but its deffinately getting there. I'm thinking a week or two and it will be either no boots or 3/2 with boots. Got these quad fins for the summer small waves. They work great and have lots of drive.

4/7/13 signs of summer

Dumping sand in the beach for the soon to arrive sun worshipers.