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9/20/2013 just another day in waist high paradise!

Looking pretty fun. These little waist high sets were coming in and giving a little opportunity for a short ride. Totally a mellow fish kinda day. Air temp is getting a bit chilly. Had to wear a rubber top today. Kinda makes me think... wetsuit weather is about a month away.

Make luck happen.


Sorry these pictures suck.  I was just so frothing to get out there. Today is looking pretty bad but once you get out there its pumping! Shoulder to head high on the sets and walling up quick on the inside. Super fun! 

Make luck happen.

9/11 never forget

Go out there early today to check the surf. Looked pretty good on the sets. I was in a good rhythm and got in some fun stomach high sets. 83ยบ water temps... get it while its hot!

Make luck happen.

9/9/2013 happy anniversary to my loving wife!

Can't believe it, married since 2007! My wife is so great that she doesn't mind if I catch a surf on our anniversary!  How awesome is she? Today was a great little surf day. Weak waist high with super clean faces. Had to compete with some longboarders but I still got some good rides in this AM.

Happy anniversary Melissa. 

Make luck happen.

9/7/13 fun waist to stomach

Little fun waist high sloppy surf today. Winds were out of the north at about 15mph. Rode the fish as a quad but probably should have gone with a thruster set up.  Found myself cutting back a lot. It was high tide though. Probably gonna be better with a lower tide and if the winds die down before dark. I'd go latter today.

Make luck happen.