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Hand plane sickness!

Just trying to get another water craft under my belt. This is a hand plane for body surfing. It is worn on your palm and helps with stearing and planing. It will be a birthday gift formy father inlaw. Note: I'm making 2, for R & D of course. No fun, just for testing ( yeah right).

Just came in! I got a FCS fusion jig.

Next board should have some FCS fin plugs in it.  I'm  super excited to start the next board. I'm currently making a work bench to start a hand plane project. Lots of new ideas for the new year.

Surf with howelling winds!

Dont know if can tell but, we got the Pathfinder full of boards and one on top!  First day of having waves in about a month. Super stoked on it. It was a wind chill of like 40° and a brisk 25mph. Sorry no pics of the swell it was just a little too cold to run back out there to snap one after i changed.

1/6/2012 new year = new paint job!

Thought i'd put a little home town flaver on the old Rockup if you can see in the pics there are a few things to remind me of the old Santa Monica / Venice hood... Dogtown ya heard!