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Man that was awesome!

Whew! What a week of swell they had. I was in LA and only got 3-4, these guys were getting monsters! Hope you all get stoked over the vid and maybe we'll get some swell from this next hurricane! Oh and good luck to Grey, he's headed to indo this month! So stoked for ya!

Yet another thing to miss.

Ahh. Another thing that I miss so much about LA... Street art! This place I live can't compare to my old hood.  Old hood rocks new neighborhood F'n blows!

Another thing to miss

Kinda misses these little marvels of technology. The hand dryer jet blade thing. Once you use one you'll never want to use the old style again! We don't have any of these back in wilmington, our at least not that i've seen. Hell we still have styrofoam to go containers and flushing urinals by the beach. Not that LA's beaches are better but you kinda know whats coming in the future... Trash in the water!

Back in da hood!

Can't believe it's been 2 years already. We're so loving being back in the hood! This is the view from my old coffee shop.

Back home in Santa Monica!

Went surfing skate boarding and chilling with my homie Jacob yesterday.  Miss this place so freeking much!

8/19/2011 a little surf out there today

It's about thigh high. Got there and it was looking good. Used the shortboard-not good. Went back to the car, got the fish, tide was coming in, and the fish was awesome.  If the wind stays goods and you get it at the right tide it should be fun. With the better tide I would expect waist high sets.

Just wanted to throw this video up to get my bro stoke on his up coming indo trip. Check out the crash and burn at the 3min mark (fins up disaster!)

Huntington Beach US open of surfing video

us closed from brian elliott on Vimeo.

Awesome video of last week! Just the display of performance surfing was amazing. I really like toward the end of the video, all the great shots from the pier. I miss that view! Watch Slater's section he uses such a high line and then powers into a super fast cutback with his trademark hands in the air.

8/8/2011 early AM session low tide

There was a little bump out there. Worked till 4 in the morning, woke up at 6 got there at 7 and had a few waist high good rides.  The Emily storm didn't really provide much but I did get a couple waves with some linked up turns. Super stoked on that.

Testing my mibile video upload

Just trying to use this phone to upload a little video for you. The video is from 8/1/2011 carolina beach.

Little high tide bump today. 8/4/2011

Went out today around high tide and caught a few stomach high sets. Really fat and mushy. Had some really good rides though. Some kids right next to me were talking about how these waves are head high on them... Love to see how stoked they were.

8/2/2011 no waves

Man summer waves such.  Could be some swell pushed up from the tropics later in the week.