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6/29 great little wave today!

Fun wave from a ENE direction with about a 10 - 15 mph wind from the same direction.  It was probably thigh to stomach with some + size on the sets. Looks like that low pressure off Florida might send something my way this week too. 

Road the lost subdriver today with some  old FCS PC3 smalls. Thing felt a little squirrelly at first but that might have been my wave selection and bump on the face.  Lots of drive out of thoughs little guys though.

Make luck happen.

6/26/2014 holden beach

Lacking in swell but fun with the Mrs family. Just chilling and handing out with my wifes aunts uncles cousins and brothers and sisters. 

Make luck happen.

6/25/2014 holden beach

Great little surf this AM.  Knee high with occasional thigh. There was one waist + set but that was just one out of the hour session I had today. 8 am surf and already hot! 83degree water temp with air temp probably around 80 degrees with a light breeze.

Make luck happen.

6/17 summer lines!

Lines at the shower! ? 90 degree weather! 80 degree water! You know its summer!  Have fun everybody!

Make luck happen.

6/14/14 summer and burned feet

Yea! Summer is here. You know its summer when you

1. Have to park in the back parking lot because of the crowd.

2. Burn your feet walking across the street  and black asphalt parking lot. 

I regret the loss of my left flip flop.

On the bright side... yea for summer!

Make luck happen.