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New logo's

Just got done making the logo's for my new board. Its a victory wreath with a G, the word Glick, and a skull with my handle Redrum. The redrum skull is a homage to "the venture brothers". The pic of the board unlaminated is where I think i'll place them. It's hard to find rice paper in wilmington too, I had to drive all over to find it.

Let me know what you think!

Spring is here?

Well, looks like they've set out the life guard stands. Still a little cold out here. Was gonna get in today but the surf looks weak and the wind is kickin' at about 25mph! 70° but with a wind chill at the beach running, what feels like 50's! Think i'll sit this one out. Beautiful day though.

Fin work

Just got done with a little work on the fins that Wilmington Larry gave me. I used a 16" sanding block, a metal file, and a little soft sanding pad with velcro style sand paper. Started with the file. Moved on to 60 grit, then 150 grit, then 450 grit, then 1000 grit wet sand. Probably would have been easier with with an electric palm sander and a vice. However "I ain't got no MONEY". So the hook up was awesome. Thanks again Wilmington Larry!

Update on board build

Just wanted to send a shout-out to two different Larry's. First Probox Larry for sending me a set of boxes and for kicking me down some knowledge. He's a wealth of info on fins and fin set ups. I'll post pics when the Proboxes get here. Second Larry from wilmington. Put out a feeler on craigslist for some glass-on's and he hooked me up with a set he pulled off a beater board. He's building a board with a young gun and sharing knowledge and hookin' up fins! What a guy! Thanks to you both! Your awesome! Pic is glass-on's from Wilmington Larry.

Shout out to Jay!

Looks like my next build project might be a long board for my buddy Jay!

More work on the foam!

Got some tips from, hope they work to remove some foam dings. I got a little ding that i'm hittin' with the hairdryer. I'm also gonna hit this big one with a block of foam to fill and then spackling. Hope this works.

Southbay Till I Die!

Just gotta shout!  South Bay rippa Alex Grey from PV makes the cover of surfer next month!  Puttin' time in on the North Shore Alex gets some sick bombs out at log cabins and makes the Surfer Mag cover.  Congrats and keep on reppin' the good ole' South Bay!