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12/30/2013 might be the last surf day for 2013!

Pretty beautiful fun day for a surf. Knee high left overs from yesterday's storm. Water feels great. Only had to wear a 4/3 with boots. Didn't have to dawn gloves on this side of winter.  Road the home made fat skull board too! Happy old year everyone.  Be safe bringing in the new one.

Make luck happen.

12/23/2013 stomach to chest on the sets

Pretty fun day. I took the fish out as a quad today. Hugged the pier on the paddle out cause the current was monsterous. Got a few fun rights and a couple lefts. I gotta start wotking out again, that 4/3 wetsuit wears me out in 30 minutes! Anyway water's still warm and we've had some waves this December so the years end is not all bad even though we had a non existent hurricane season. 

Hope everyone has a merry Christmas! 

Make luck happen.