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Van's Pier Classic Surf Contest

The Van's Pier Classic surf contest presented by Jack's Surf Shop is on today with a great looking clean swell.  Huntington's going off all day.  Looks like light winds and great waves making for lots of action.  Makes me miss the circus of SoCal.   You should all go out there watch a little contest, have some Hula Pie at Duke's (remember my wedding rehearsal dinner), and then go north of the pier catch a surf, then checkout the classic car show on Main St.  Just another day in the OC.  I sure miss it!

Donations for Tsunami victims

Hey all I just wanted to put up a link to the Red Cross.  I recently donated a small sum of money for the relief effort in Japan.  I only donated a small amount, but I hope that everyone who follows my blog will add a little and that it will end up being a large amount.  Just think $25 could by a few cases of water.  Since we all love living at the beach these trageties in Austrailia and Japan are like out hood!


Japanese Tsunami Waves

As an admirer of waves I know these are some that I would never want to see. When I lived in LA I always thought about those little blue Tsunami Typhoon evacuation route signs. I always thought, Is my apt on the hill high enough to not get wiped out. Thank goodness the Esplinade was on a 30ft slope and Santa Monica is on a little cliff. Checkout this video and think about all those people in Japan who live the same distance to the ocean that you do! Now think what would you hope people around the world would do for you if this happened to you. Forget about wanting to surf, or even feeling safe surfing!

Not much on tap

Not to much happening in the way of waves. It is however probably the last day i'll be surfing in gloves! Its about knee high with an occational waist high. Supper mushy and hard to get into. I used my fish and it was still a struggle. Still fun and getting warm!

Fixed leash plug

Finally finished the leash plug! Glassed in all the bubbles and sanded it back down. Learned a lot of lessons when putting this one in, sheesh!

movie trailer for "Manufacuring Stoke"

Just watched this video on the Mayhem blog.  After having just made my own board it is super clear that the way the industry is pointed it is definitely petro driven.  I'm thinking my next board may be EPS with epoxy resin.  If I did make another Polyurethane board it may have to be a Marko Green or one of those recycled foam boards.  Enjoy the trailer and the STOKE.  Hopefully someone will be able to make a break through on board making.

MANUFACTURING STOKE from misfit pictures on Vimeo.

Fixing the leash cup

If you've been following you know I glassed the board and got some bubbles in the surface. I sanded those out so they are just holes. I filled them with sanding resin today and i'll sand it all smooth tomorrow. Then all i'll need to do is sand out all the shiny's once I get a sanding pad for my orbital polisher! Then my first surfboard will be finished. So stoked this has been such a great learning experience... Big UP's to the wife for all the support!

Beautiful day

So, to day was a beautiful day. The air was 65 to 70 light wind and the water has made it up to a sweltering 55 maybe. So I decided, as you can see in the pics, to go surfing with no gloves... Just boots and a 3/2. Holy crap my hands were freezing. I had to hold them together like I was clapping just to keep them warm. All that for an hour of those great waves you see in the pics. I'm gonna call it Big toe to ankle high +. At least you can taste spring in the air!

Finish sanding

Well today was the finish sanding day. I started out going to the store to get a polisher/ sander and found out no body in this town has a power pad sanding pad. They sell them at Foam EZ online but they're $35 and would take a week to get here. I decided to try the pad that came with the polisher. Of course it sucked. I turned o the trusty old 16inch sanding block. It did the job but when I get the money i'll get the pad for my next build. I finshed the board the best I could and all I need now is to finish sanding the fins and filling in the holes near the leash plug.

Leash plug

Can't really figure this thing out. It's tuff to get that thing drilled without trearing up some foam. Probably should have made a jig. Next time i'll know better than to freehand drill. I'll probably put some sanding resin on it to fill the holes from the air bubbles.

Glassing fins and sanding coat

Today's the day. Glassed the fins in (really hard to get bubles out). I also put the sanding coat on it today. That makes it really look like a surfboard now. I put her in the upright stand for now. The next step is to sand and surf! Let me know what you think! By theway this Solarez kicks butt! It takes no time to glass a board!

Fin placement!

Got the fins on and Melissa took some pics. My wife supports the craft 100%! I epoxied the fins on and now i just go back and glass them in a day or so. Looking good so far.

lessons learned!

"Lessons learned" isn't just a song by Matt and Kim. It's my surfboard building life. Now that i've totally screwed up the laminating part of the glass job, i'm hoping that the hotcoat cleans it all up. I got air bubbles all in it and also some high spots from chemical vapors trying to escape from under the glass when I put on the top 2 layers of glass. I'll update again when I put the fins o and hot coat it. These pics are of the laminating... Enjoy.

Makes me wonder?

This video makes me wonder why anyone wouldn't live at the beach?! I'm just so stoked about spring getting here. Everyone in their 20's should take a little time and spend a part of life living at the most 4 blocks from the water in a little beach shack, one room apartment/ closet. I'm sure Daniel and Jacob feel me on that one (last I heard they were sharing a 300 sqr ft basement thing across the street from Venice break wall)! This video especially the first few seconds, is exactly why. On a side note, this video also makes me pissed that I never fully committed to moving to Hawaii! So stupid of me.

Just got the resin!

Just got home from work today and found a box of RESIN! Melissa didn't tell me before I go home so that I would be surprised! I'm so stoked! Just gotta wait till I get a sunny day! Can't wait to finish this board.

Fiberglass just got here!

Just got a fedex package of fiberglass 4oz 6yrds x 27inches. I also go some mekp and surfacing agent bottles. Looks like all I need now is resin and then the glassing will begin! Little nervous about that, but once I start i'm sure it will all come together quite well or i'll just have to chalk it up to "a learning experience". Super excited now!